PixieLane is a community of supermoms who are building their own business selling original, affordable and quality kids clothing.

With just an initial investment, you can have it all: steady stream of income, quality time with your family, a creative and fun outlet, and the chance to build something special with women like you.

Become a PixieChick 

Our model allows you to choose your own hours and call your own shots. Your success is what you make of it and the PixieLane team will always be here to support and guide you along the way. 

Be a part of a new and innovative community that values building meaningful connections, working together, and achieving your personal and professional goals.

Be Your Own Boss

Double your money on most items sold with instant cash going right into your pocket.

Our consultants are earning up to $5,000+ per month in profit.

Make your money back in 4 weeks by selling 10-12 pieces per week.

Join the PixieLane Community 

  1. Apply to be a consultant: Schedule a call or email us so we can confirm you are the right fit and answer any of your questions.

  2. Choose your startup package: PixieLittles (12 months - 5 years) or PixieGirls: (6 - 10 years).

  3. Craft your strategy: Start selling your clothes at pop-up shops, on social media, or through at-home parties. 
  4. Have it all: Do what you love, support your family and inspire your kids!

About Our Clothes

We make high-quality, affordable, and unique clothes that kids actually want to wear. Our fabrics are hand picked for quality and our styles are one of a kind produced in limited runs. 95% of production is in the USA. 

For more images of our clothes, follow us on Instagram @pixielane or visit our  website.

Ready to spread some Pixie dust on your community?

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